Stay consistent to build your innovative ideas in 14 days

Round 2 ended !

#14daysbreakloop challenge is back for all consistent learners, to push their comfort zone, learn new things to build their innovative ideas. The previous round has helped challengers to step out of their comfort zone, break down their year goals & motivate them to work consistently.

Remember it’s not a hackathon, it’s a marathon to stay consistently and build something you would be proud to see past 14 days.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Steps to participate


Install the 100daysof.codes extension and make sure to enroll for the challenge. We will be delivering you the daily guide & tips in the new tab, to help you working towards the goal.


Consistency - Maintain a 14 day streak towards building something cool.Share your article on social media ( twitter or instagram ) and tag @100daysofcodes


At the end of the challenge, write a blog post about your product and your journey and post it in hashnode with the tag #14daysbreakloop

See what our previous round winners say!

Time to break this loop & set out for bigger goals, new beginnings

Download the extension now & make sure to click enroll in your new tab

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