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Foundational concepts of React

to help you build modular ui components and web pages in React way

Components state and inter communication
Splitting into Components
Organizing project structure
Handling user inputs
Using hooks - useState, useEffect

and more...

Stepping up building React

Getting more comfortable by building single page applications using Redux & React Router

Page navigation using React router
Protecting routes for authentication users
Using Redux for state management
Redux middleware
Styling components
Playing with external components

and more...

Making ready for production

Optimising your react apps for performance, scalability & reliability

React patterns
Reliability measures
Monitoring & security measures
Performance tuning strategies
Debugging performance using Profiler
Writing tests for your apps

and more...

React Program

Get ready for #21daysofReact, spending 45 mins daily

We have compiled daily playlists comprised of curated content from best resources worldwide along with guided practice problems.


Knowing to build simple webpages using html, and foundations of javascript, and most importantly committed to consistently learning daily.


Guided roadmap to level-up your react skills

Daily practice problems fine-tuned as you level up

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Completed #100DaysOfCode via 100daysof.codes today. I haven't reached my goal yet since there are another three months for that, but the progress I've made is astounding. Consistency and habit formation can go a long way! Thank you for this amazing platform to the team of 100daysof.codes.

Naveen Singh

Yippee 🥳  Completed #100DaysOfCode , Some how managed myself to be consistency, Special thanks to our @100daysofcodes for the wonderful tool, With help of tool i can able to track my days, Challenge might be overed, But learning never ends, Soon will start again 🚀

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