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in daily learning

New tab extension to set focused daily goals, track progress & improve consistency in your #100daysofcode challenge.

Extension screen

Learning mode

Set pomodoro timer with distracting sites blocking to stay focus while you learn.

Task planner

Plan & schedule tasks for your upcoming days. Keep focused on what next.

Streak calendar

Keep an eye on your consistency level and build your learning streak to maintain daily learning.

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how our extension have improved their consistency

In the beginning, I also failed to do coding, I procrastinate a lot during my web dev journey. Then I found an amazing chrome extension @100daysofcodes on Twitter. Which helps me to do code daily. If you want to develop the habit of coding, you must check it! 💯  I highly recommend it.

Completed #100DaysOfCode via today. I haven't reached my goal yet since there are another three months for that, but the progress I've made is astounding. Consistency and habit formation can go a long way! Thank you for this amazing platform to the team of

Naveen Singh

Yippee 🥳  Completed #100DaysOfCode , Some how managed myself to be consistency, Special thanks to our @100daysofcodes for the wonderful tool, With help of tool i can able to track my days, Challenge might be overed, But learning never ends, Soon will start again 🚀

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